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Upcoming Concerts / Projects

Bowie for orkester

Jan 30 2020

NRK Store studio, Oslo




Musikk av David Bowie arrangert av Jon Øivind Ness

Thomas Rimul, dirigent
Bård Bratlie og Peter Estdahl, vokal


Ding-dong eller dong-ding?

05. February 2020

Bevegelsesrom, Norges Musikkhøgskole

Sanae Yoshida (Sang, Klaver)

Lasse Passage Nøsted (lyd)

Lasse Passage Nøsted: Lieder für Nicht-Sänger und Mikrotonale Klavier

Chambermusic::Ensemble Ernst

Apr 19 2020

Café Teater, Oslo

Ensemble Ernst

Henry Cowell: The Banshee (1925)

Leo Ornstein: Suicide in airplane (1916)

George Crumb


May 05 2020


Cikada sekstett:



Four by four. Discovering Young Composers of Europe


Verden rundt med mikrotonalt klaver

May 09. 2020

Levin Sal, Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo

Andreas Gundersen, Piano

Sanae Yoshida, Piano  

Charles Ives: Three Quarter-Tone Piano Pieces

Andreas Gundersen: remnants of what may still exist, if only for a while.  (WP)

Keiko Harada: New Work (WP)

Idin Samimi Mofakham: New Work (WP)

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