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Microtonal Techniques

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 Jon Øivind Ness got the “simple” task of writing a work with Grisey's Vortex Temporum tuning, and he writes:

 (quote) The challenge is to use Griseys tuning without making it sound like Grisey. I’ve tried to avoid obvious spectral intervals such as the 3-quartertone interval, rather using the 5-quartertone interval. It is written in a way that gives the music a spectral hint without it being spectral music. (end-quote)

Ness Interval.png

Sound Samples

Here follows some examples making use of the 5-quartertone interval:

5-quartertone melodic texture and 5-quartertone chords.

Ness Sample 1.png

 The quartertone is used melodically and tonally (G# major) as the 7th harmonic, though sounding too low (as the 7th harmonic is only approx. 31 cent lower than the minor 7th.)


 Examples of quartertone high/ low octaves.

Grisey Ness Octav.png
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