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Standing Stones


Microtonal Techniques

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 The work “Standing Stones” by Eivind Buene was performed by the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra in May 2018, and the work is based on some fragments from Brahms’ 2nd piano concerto. The orchestra piano part, which I then performed, uses a piano where only two keys are de-tuned: The E4 and G5 are lowered by a quartertone. The microtones are necessary ingredients to the "twisted" Brahms quotes.

Sound samples

Bar 8, piano part:

Interestingly, it is at the very end of the bar where the minor third starts to sound in tune.

Buene t.8.png

Bar 29 - 32, piano part:

"Twisted" Brahms' Piano Concerto nr.2.

Buene t.29,30.png

Excert from bar 170 - 187, piano part:

Staccato - resonance (Lachenmann-technique).

Lachenman technique 2.png
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