Upcoming Concerts / Projects

Ensemble Kammerklang

16. & 18. Okt.2020

Larvik & Skien

Vigulf: Grotesques (WP)

Ensemble Kammerklang

Kokko amerikanere inntar Grønland::Ensemble Ernst

03. Nov. 2020

Nordic Black Theatre & Cafeteatret

Tyler Futrell: Ouverture (2020)
Cage Variations III (1964) 
Leo Ornstein: Suicide in an Airplane (1918-19) piano
Henry Cowell: The Banshee (1925) piano
George Crumb: fra Makrokosmos Volume I (1972) piano
-Dream images
Nancarrow String Quartet Nr 3 (1987)
Ives The Unanswered Question (1908)
Ives A set of Pieces for Theatre Ensemble (1899-1906)

Solist: Sanae Yoshida, Piano
Dirigent: Thomas Rimul

Verden rundt med mikrotonalt klaver


Levinsal, Oslo

Charles Ives: Three Quarter-Tone Piano Pieces

Andreas Gundersen: remnants of what may still exist, if only for a while.  (WP)

Keiko Harada: New Work (WP)

Idin Samimi Mofakham: New Work (WP)

Andreas Gundersen, Piano

Sanae Yoshida, Piano

Cikada :: Four by four. Discovering Young Composers of Europe



Four by four. Discovering Young Composers of Europe

Cikada sekstett